Chuck R. Stidham MPA MBA JD PhD

My side of the Story

Chuck R. Stidham
My reason for publishing this site.
Welcome to my web site. If you are here it must be because you have the need to determine who and what I am. I suspect you might have "Googled" me and found several links that directed you to various web sites that  publish information about me.
I welcome the opportunity to introduce myself or allow us to become better acquainted.
I have come a long way in the last ten years. I have enjoyed considerable personal, professional, and academic success. I enjoy the love of a wonderful family, especially my three grandchildren. Each have meant so much to me and become a source of strength that is immeasurable.
Alex is the oldest and has grown into a fine young man. I am proud of him in every way.
Taylor is my only Granddaughter and she is a Princess with boundless beauty, personality and energy. When I see her she reminds me so much of her mother, my oldest daughter.
Ryan is the youngest. His nickname is "Bear"
and he is certainly that. He is entertaining and will grow in to a big man. I hope he retains the energy, laughter and personality that he has acquired so far.
From The Beginning
Following graduation from Law School, I entered the practice of law as a partner with a person who had been my coach, mentor and friend for the three long years of intense study and preparation for taking the Ohio Bar for admittance to the practice of Law.

I had an insatiable desire to practice law and could not wait for the opportunity to finally enter a courtroom for the first time.

I was admitted to the practice of Law in Ohio on Monday November 1, 1983. The following day I appeared on behalf of clients in eight separate hearings before various judges and magistrates. I did not slow down until I left the practice of law in early 2000.

Between 1983 and 2000 I managed a thriving law practice and enjoyed considerable success. Leaving the practice 12 years ago was a good decision for me. I do, however, miss much of what was so much of each day that I woke to head to court or the office. I miss the people, the lawyers, judges and court personnel. Much has changed since I left the practice, and I am certain one day I will return to the practice, but in a capacity that is slower in pace.
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